Talking Fast and Furious  ---> and stupid.

 The Change America toward everything that be money to their supporters, and their major representative; FOX (aka as “Stinking”) keep getting “ experts” to their TFF -and stupid programs.

 Some “ expert” one of the many that are confusing the heck out of every decent American, declared in FOX: “We hope Pakistani government act like adults…” he is referring to the drone attack that kill 26 Pakistani soldiers while our Pentagon was playing Hi-Tec games against alleged terrorist in their country. I do not know about the convenience of killing people using the most modern method.  But honestly… Who is acting like adults?  We are not fighting; we are playing dangerous Video Games with real people in it. Enemies or suspected enemies (from the air all look alike) they are human been. Season hunting, as we practice in our country, does not apply to foreign lands.


Only in America you can declare that a war is over but you need to keep the effort (and troops) going.

Only in America our legislators try convincing people to get rid of shopping plastic bags, but do nothing to stop the sales of excessive plastic wrapped utensils, toys, and the likes and the garbage sacks used by people and industry, looks OK.

Only in America people are asked to conserve energy by personal use while rich people and businesses expend water and resources trying to look beautiful.

Only in America the government try to save money reducing the expenditure in medicines while is fine for the drug industry to charge incredible prices for those same products.

Only in America some legislators support public health care but invest their money on private insurances

Protecting? What or Whom?

One thing is becoming obvious, some of this decorated police officers probably got some pre-training in occupied countries during one of the many wars that US have been involved. Is also probably that some of the people that feel their strong tactics during a pacific demonstration, at some point received this same cities servants as national heroes. Oh the shoe in the other foot!

Only in America is OK to force other nations, even at the expense of death people, theirs and ours, to be free, independent, rich, and democratic like we are. Incredible but true!

Only in America we are presumably innocent until proven guilty but we need a lawyer to get us free, and a bail bond,  while this presumption is worked out thru the court.

Only in America (not exactly, it happens in many places, and in here too.) The congress and presidential runners always promise the same stuff, almost never deliver (excuses are always at hand) but the people still trusting, hoping and feeling assured that when they (the elected officials) do not comply, is just not their fault and the next guy will resolve the situation.

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