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One of the characteristics of any tyranny is nepotism. Family and friends, independent of their abilities or defects, get to be granted all kind of perks just because the "leader" feels so. Military dictators are not exceptions. Take the case of the Tabernilla family during the Batista era. They took Cuba as their own farm (same like the Castro's do now). 

Vg: Mayor General Francisco Tabernilla Dolz, Chief of the Cuban Army. 

His  son  Brigadier General Francisco H. Tabernilla y Palermo, Chief Commanding Officer of the Mixed Tank Regiment. (all tanks)

The other son Brigadier General Carlos M. Tabernilla y Palermo, Commander of the Cuban Army Air Force.

The younger son Lieutenant Colonel Marcelo Tabernilla y Palermo, Commanding Officer of the Cuban Air Force Bomber Squadron.

The son in law Brigadier General Alberto Del Rio Chaviano  Commanding Officer of  the more important battle area of the time, The Southern Military Zone of  the Oriente Province and the Sierra Maestra.

His brother in Law, Gutierrez, (my boss) represented every important machinery in Cuba (Fairbanks Morse, Caterpillar, etc) and was granted the construction of the Plaza José Martí. (Today Plaza of the Revolution)

Lucky for us Cuba only have to fight Castro. I wonder if there were any Tabernilla retarded what position he/she will have then. And if you want to have fun just look for the Fernandez Miranda and their friends the Saif Yapor. lz