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The Cat in the fence

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Obama Faces Opposition to Venezuela as Cuba Joins Summit of the Americas

Len Zayas Edición EspañolaIndex con noticias y artículos en español.Sin tapujos ni medio tono. Len Zayas World Press edition (Edición de noticias mundiales)

You always hear about the "bad people": communists, nazis, KKK, "terrorists", etc;  Also about the "good people": teachers, religious people, police, armies, lawyers and public servants and the likes. But... did you ever listen at then? 

Let listen (independently of their believes and yours) and think about it. Maybe you will discover why this world is upside down. The only real thing that technology can do for us is to give us that opportunity and to escape the brainwash caused from years of Zionist absurdities tattooed in our system..

Len Zayas English edition

*mean Spanish caption for videos             

  * Who control Wall Street? (notice that the force of Zionists in public opinion happens to be stronger in government money matters) *** Click for whole English

  * What caused the nazi persecution of Jews in Germany? (a former nazi historian explain that was not based in just racism or "envy") *** (Click for whole English)

  Any doubt the Zionist controls the media and public opinion in United States? (and more of the world) *** (Click the CC for Spanish captions)

     Judios con empresas famosas (en Español)

    Hollywood artists people that changed their Jewish names  (Maybe their will be chosen stars and their promoters try to hide that their main attribute (being their origins) will discover their nepotism, ambitions and discriminatory ways.) I will like to know how many politicians did the same, is not important, since been a politician shows that you probably are already their employees.


  Netanyahu and the United States Congress vs. The American People/ the World (Len Zayas)

  Awake (Len Zayas)

 Heroes, Justice and Us (Len Zayas)

It was George Bush an average bad president?

 Some people only talk after retirement (video)

Specially senators (video)

The President can't trust the work of Intel with relation to ISIS. Get out while you can.

The President can't trust his own security at home. Hang in there, the lease is almost over

 The new members of Congress should read the Constitution, there are some surprises in itThe seniors forgot the book or need glasses. We waiting for all the Congress to be watered.

The good news is that the Armed Forces and the armaments manufacturers still get job security. The bad news is that is pretty hot in other lands.

    Ashraf  Ghani Ahmadza  No Wonder we want this guy to be the president of Afghanistan.

***Comments by Len Zayas                 

   Please do not elect more senators to the presidency. Should be more qualified people around without the damage that been in congress cause to lawmakers!

I feel sorry for everybody. Because what hurt a human being is bound to happen to the whole humanity. I have been repeating that like a parrot. Keep happening and people keep forgetting. See my article "Sorry I did not write this before" (follow the link when ready)  that article of mine it was too harsh in the system and only can be published in a free place that protect, not only the article, but also the writer. Hang in there, I'll try again.  (Len Zayas) 

Grand Jury?  For heavens sake! Nobody that shot seven times an unarmed person cant / shouldn't / wont be free of an public inquire plus a trial. Is this people crazy, stupid (them or the law) or want to excite the citizenry (any color, that is besides the point). We do not know Wilson's reason, that is for experts to discuss... But *##@# (explicit deleted) that's no way to probe anything. You do it in a trial no in some Mickey Mouse group. I know how those things start, is an imperialist, colonizing, dictatorship activity. Poor Wilson, he shouldn't be detained until the trial, but his culpability is for a judge (good or bad) to decide if he is a police officer in a transitory dilemma or an accidental (or intentional) murderer, panicked or simple confused person. That happens before... but a Grand Jury, in most case, always became a Grand BS!  in this case is simply A DISASTER!!

About American Grand Jury

I though that was reserved for people in power that the King want it protected from prosecution like Presidents, Generals, Senators, the Superior court; and whatever the system consider above the law. I can see that the list is bigger everyday. Do not ask the press, those people are mostly frustrated clowns that think they are "the voice of the people".  Check the books (if you find them) and (hurry before some Jewish editor buy it).

..Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, Washington, Wyoming and other  Castle Doctrine states, there is no duty to retreat in certain situations (depending on the state, this may apply to one's home, business, or vehicle, or to any public place where a person is lawfully present). Preemptive self-defense, in which one kills another on suspicion that the victim might eventually become dangerous, is considered criminal. (text in: )

Course that the Emperor's helpers can change the law under the Law of force (state congress) that is like the Vegetal Law, or at least the vegetables knows how to make it work. Its used in most places to convince  people that they (the people) are democratic (furthermore have power)  but you have to take in consideration what the heck they mean by people. Since the one which invent the law did it to habilitate the powerful to cheat in the weak (not matter how weak or how many of they are) and that the one in power choose "The King's Power" thru the use of the "Petty Jury" (in USA called "Grand Jury") and so they can make mockery of everything wrote by men. Just changing as the ruler change. (It does not matter if is a woman, a man, a black, Chinese or a pumpkin pie.) While the press can change the King ( being, while in powerful hands and workers without hands (or brain), the fourth power, they only attack everything that affects the Israeli interest in the United States (nazis, foreigners, Muslins, Christianity and liberal governments that buy no their armaments, remember that Israel is an appendix of USA (or the other way around, I am not sure).

Perspective.- If dark skin people are Afro-American, (even though there are several Africans (also called Afrikaners ??) that have a clear skin... That mean they are Afri-Americans? like there are Chinese-Americans, Cuban-Americans, Indo-Americans, Haw-Americans, Iceland-American, Mexi-Americans, henceforth... In all this stupid ballyhoo, product of the supine ignorance of this  basically illiterate immigration of adventurers, ex-convicts and murderers from Europe, mainly England, Spain and France. The name for this invaders and their descendants, using the unrealistic rule of North America custom is: Euro-Americans.  By the way, they are not white (except there are some albinos) they are mainly reddish skin. Like most reddish Euro-Americans, they are some descendant of the original invaders and later legal and illegal immigrants from different  parts of Europe, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa where the majority, in some places, are European reddish skin vg. Canary Islands and also in the Mediterranean Balearic Islands with their majority Greek (clear skin) and Catalan (reddish)).

Much have been written about the Native Indians, American Aborigine and more. But related to the proprietary name of America for North America (Alaska, Canada and United States) have been a convenient lack of documentation. The truth is that America refers to the whole continent that later (conveniently) was divided into West Indies, Caribbean, South, Central and North America with nobody owning the name American except like inclusive of all parts affected. In most of the world people refers to America like the whole continent. The bullish British (as their mascot represent) pass that imperialistic attitude to the next generations of imported Americans, including the fighters for freedom. The New England have never intended (conveniently) to correct the misappropriation.

I heard it through the Grapevine; "There are a shortage of volunteers for infantry,  'coffee table-pilots' ¹  even patriotic mercenaries. This scarcity difficult the use of ground force in the middle east territories. So the president, probably in the near future,  will ask Congress approval for reinstalling the Conscription (or drafting) of young people for the military and/or the use of the National Guard in the foreign service."     See what the gov. found as a fast cure to this

United States government, making a mockery out of the Constitution,  deliberately allow private enterprises to violate every single shred of privacy in their own citizenship, with the intention (or complot) of using the results of that violations at the best convenience of their elected officials and corporative benefactors. lz

This world do not learn from history.-The conquest of Vietnam by France began in 1858 and was completed by 1884. It became part of French Indochina in 1887. Vietnam declared independence after World War II, but France continued to rule until its 1954 defeat by communist forces under Ho Chi MINH. Under the Geneva Accords of 1954, Vietnam was divided into the communist North and anti-communist South. The rest you know it! 

"When you hear about corporations cooperating with NSA, do not take it against those mentioned. All are and do the same!".  NSA works (many times wrong) for their own sense of rivalry against, real or imagined, enemies. Corporations do it for information that will be used to take money out of your pockets. Even if you do not see it!


Protection helmet for journalist in the Gaza strip

* You too Brutus?

The biggest defense of atheism is to consider Israel "the exclusive God's people"

Is there a parallelism between the people in Gaza and the people in Ferguson, Mo?

What Zionist can teach about controlling majorities   

Did you ever hear of Canaan, Palestine or Israel?

senate.jpg (161898 bytes)

The present American Congress is an altar to the Judaism and an aberration to freedom.

You vote for them... For what?  they are more concern with protecting the Zionist  than taking care of their own American people. Those that use the name of God while stripping the land from the Palestinian, provoking the Iranian and attacking every small city just to revenge what happens to them long time ago. Those are living at our expenses and patience. Israelites crying for help get, always, the American Congress behind their back. Your American Congress is just a garden cultivated by the Jews with money staked from our own taxes. That make your proud congress people just a bunch of cultivated vegetables, yes people, parrots that use complicated palavering, flags bearer in unjustified deaths. Republican or Democrats are just lawyers tired of chasing ambulances and now chase any easy money, thanks to your vote. If this is a sign of democracy we are in very bad shape. When a law maker say about an African American dead by negligence, (ignorance or abuse): "He died because was too fat" or a representative (of what?) say: "We should assassinate every non-democratic leader" or the ones that interpret the law indict the just and do not investigate the wrong doer...What laws can we expect from this people?  and They do really know what democracy stand for? lz


The Last Bullet by: Len Zayas (editorial)

The Real International Heroes of Freedom and Democracy in 2013

"A Face In The Crowd" about Ronald Reagan

America is not the Greatest Anymore

Past and present of American's

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