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The Cat in the fence

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"The pen is mightier than the sword" 

(When is not sold out!)

The Force is used for bad more than for good. 

US is the strongest force and they do whatever be necessary to avoid isolation, at the expenses of humanity, decency, democracy and human rights. Cuba is trying to combat the isolation of America, at the expense of their former helpers.- Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, México and others. The new "revolutionaries", are farther from the workers, the peasants and the general people than Obama itself.

Tiken Jah Fakoly - Plus rien ne m'étonnes

  Who's the terrorist?

If a country is helping terrorists ( the true terrorists are not the one that defends their land from invasive forces, or the one that cave tunnels looking for family's food or necessities.) The terrorists are the one that accuses the victims of everything the criminals do, covering the fallacies with doubtful sanctifications and trying to make the bad look like good and vice verse. Whatever is a friend of Israel is a friend of terrorists. Whoever help with guns and ammunitions a country to destroy another with the only intention of violating their rights to the usufruct of the land of their original inhabitants is as guilty of genocide as the one that use that armaments. 

The red menace just never gets old. Apocalypse in Venezuela

The American Democracy is only for U.S.A. not even for Israel

The process against Dilma Rousseff 

Breve lembrete em Português para quem esqueceu o plano Condor em 1970 / 1980

Breve recordatorio en español para los que se olvidaron del Plan Cóndor en 1970/1980


Panama Papers, Establishment vs Bernie, Tinder, and Amy Schumer   

When America had a glance to  honest, unbiased and true journalism

AlJazeera America Good Bye

                     RECENT NEWS                       

TheConservativetreehouse USA-- The why the American Press is not respected internationally: - Mitt Romney say: " It's disqualifying if Donald Trump does not release his taxes...." Who the heck is Romney for been taking seriously in a legal civil matter that corresponds to specialised courts jurisdictions as specified by the Internal Revenue Service? ... And more yet, the media to propagate that banal, foul and biased opinion? ... Only in the American media.

For extended information visit the page in blue at the top

The Jewish conspirator and the Operation Condor 

Do you really think that ISIS (or all the definitions that this band receives are the strongest terrorists?) wake up body.- the world press is controlled by the king of terrorism; Israel. Never new anybody that can graphically testify about decapitation, the more used form of killing (by the liar world-Jewish controlled by advertisers from Jewish-Zionist corporations (too many to be named in this space) with the excuse of: "Too gross, or too cruel to be seen",- Cynics, how come they do not care about, kids in prison for defending their right to freedom in their own land, women killed by the public force, 

Q="Do you know Why they call the new phones 'smart' "?

A="Because they make the user 'dumbest' everyday"

How?= Ripping you off while taking features out and making it look like they are more and better every single day, (are the same recycled), asking for more memory so they can use it against yourself, they act like the phone belongs to them and not to the one that pays for the machine, violated your privacy, force you to learn their ways and not the other way around, confuse the heck out of the consumer changing modus operandi from one old to the next model, apparently new, and making you remember stupid codes from one week to the next one, that by the way can be easily deciphered by professionals and only a few with couple quarters (or spies and politicians) worry about it. 

 And in top of that they use the "head of the horse in the bed" (mobsters style) with the cybernetic 'update' equivalent to "spend more money in the new model because the one you have now we are making it look like crap" when is nothing wrong with it, but that start acting weird thanks to the continuous changes in code injected every month and making crisis every year. By the way, kept in the memory that you pay extra for. That smart is that toy!  Zayas

Make America Great Again!

 Until the adults do not learn to stand for something more that their simplistic 18 century values and the young do not get their heads out of the drugs, the stupid music, brain shrunken sports and their brainwashing video games, the American Youth (any color) will be pawns at the hands of the real enemy; the Jewish transnational enterprises and the super rich, which only power derives from the sweating of the poor.

You want to know how hypocrites are your leaders?... and the Magpies  that work for them?

Just check: criticizing the fact that David Duke talk about voting for Trump and Mr. Trump did not disavows that offer.- Since when an American citizens, as Mr. Duke, a former republican representative, had been legally  gagged from giving his opinion?...

 Who told the new majority leader, senator Ryan that his position allows him, in a democratic society, to decide who is or not qualified to run in "his" party? ... 

Elections are not but one thing: (looks that politicians does not understand assembly protocol) the will of a group of members to freely elect whom the majority considers qualified for a position...

 In honor to the truth our country is closer to a Oligarchy than to a democracy, but still this last one, at least in theory.  

Mr. Trump can not stop an  American citizen to vote for anybody, inclusive himself. You does not have to agree with your neighbor to have good relations. 

Mr. Duke have been called; prejudiced and anti-Semitic, what Mr. Trump, we are sure, is not. I am not either, but you can put me in that list because I can prove, in hundredths of way that Jews are anti-Christians, conspirators and are taking this country to the abysm. 

In the matter of Israel colonization of Palestine, none politician will dare to say the truth. Is criminal, unjust, anti-Democratic and goes against all decent human attitude. 

All politicians considers (and talk) about the Holocaust... really? You want holocaust?... look at Hiroshima y Nagasaki and the atrocities committed in Vietnam by our own troops and our allies.

Take a look how we destroy the Iraq nation.  Is becoming from a place of romantic tales to an open cemetery , so Afghanistan, we start so many atrocities with the excuse of "democracy" that we should build, not a fence, but a monument for every nation that we ever put the foot in it, after 1944.  We can not see a democratic election without right away to try to turn it into an allied, by force, coercion or embargoes. Using the military, not the people of the place.. Is like we want democracy to be only for our nation. And watch out!

We have so much alienated the people of the world while getting closer to the tyrants that now everybody looks like enemies. Whom or what benefits from this crazy line of foreign policies?

In the present race for the presidency we  (Republican party) are trying those tactics utilized in other countries by our "peace loving generals" in our own people. It mean.- boycotting the popular vote because the establishment (they are the establishment!) does not agree with what the people want. 

So much for talking about the Constitution, the laws, freedom and all those words that money always make look good in speeches.  For people that talk about the party of Lincoln and Reagan, is an example how much they know about history (what will make them ignorant or straightforward dirty liars)  90 degrees out of the fundamental reasons for a civil war that almost destroy our nation (like we used or care so much about negroes, women or Chinese) and later an administration that destroyed the base of unions workers while conspired with foreign secret services in how to eliminate the freedom in more areas of the world. That happens to be the opposite at what the Jewish propaganda instruct the press to say. Whatever we send our heroics soldier (after the WWII) what we left behind is hunger, destruction, anti-civilization and enemies. Yugoslavia used to be a very controlled and prosperous mix of races, after been "liberated" by the former Soviet Union, thanks to the conspiracy under the control of CIA and KGB while sponsored by a former KGB and future president and a former CIA and future president (very democratic organizations!) become a clash of  races, a bunch of nations and a boon for the funerary business.

You can say that was the past. The favorite phrase of the new fascists: "Is all past. We are now democratic and free"   Could be true.  (Well, maybe, depending  of your social status, skin color  and that other fallacy called: loyalty.)  You can hear that a lot in movies and TV. So many murders have been protected by that word. That word have been changing so often that the meaning is depending of the epoch.  All those changes thanks to so many dictators, monarchs and sheiks called democrats by our future and present leaders. Loyal to what? The country, the flag, the constitution, the president, the general, the chief of police, the mayor, the owner of the factory... Just ask!  And do not forget Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and others, they are a present, real and very close danger.

In the United Nations only a couple (of almost nations) follow our way. The government talk about alliances. (Hell do they really think that we believe our own government?)  Underground operations, crimes, killings without trial, torture. Everything that the Constitution try to protect us from is what we do to our "enemies". 

If everybody that the whole government claim as enemies were true, we can not visit any country without been in trouble. Is that what we want America to be? Besides stupid movies, false news, television absurdity, jokes about faith, derogatory opinion about foreign nationals, exploitation and unfairness toward the rest of humanity we are shooting the cannons against the part of our own people that is trying to save this beautiful land.

We are not great, we are behind a smoke curtain, very like it like the one that surrounded the Soviet Union, and that greatness is just a ghost from the past. Where are, not only our factories, but our worker's  union? We ask for money that we throw to special armaments that not only are give it for free to our (real) enemies, but that became obsolete in much less time that took to build it. 

The technology that we help to develop only resulted in the creation of a shortage in real jobs. Automatic everything, from house cleaners, to stamp machines, to automatic tellers, to automatic cashiers, ... Where will  those people go?.-  "Go to a technical school, prepare yourself." .- Are this leaders for real? 

I bet those senators and representative that get the best of medical insurances and just know how to embarrass each other and the nation, have no idea how many people are need it to write a program and make millions of dollars out of nothing.  Lets help that bunch of money peddlers, Israel keepers and war moguls:  From 1 to 5   To manufacturing and sell it by mail  5 to 10.  To recycle the material and make it look like new  3 to 5.  To build automatic machines  50 to 200 kids in China, Mexico, Taiwan or whatever we can get it cheap.  Can that compare to our former standard of living?

We have new millionaires, but we have so much poverty, which you probably never heard about it before, not in church, not in your job or office much less in the vegetable garden we call the American Congress. You probably  know how poor is Yemen, Honduras, Cuba, Bolivia, Guatemala y El Salvador and all the third world. But did you ever travel through the Appalachian, Missouri, the orange groves of Florida, East Los Angeles. New York, or North Las Vegas?  Did you ever talk to a homeless, saw a person covered with skin rash sitting under a tree without medical attention, a woman with a kid in arms asking for help, a veteran looking to trade work for food, a drug addict suffering withdrawal for lack of money to buy a fix or get any attention? 

We can not help the planet, as an answer we look to the space and start polluting. Filling the beautiful universe with the same crap y garbage that we put in the planet earth. With that other fallacy that is call "civilization" like excuse. We were the leaders, but now they are other leaders that follow the same clumsy road that we traced.   Spending millions of dollars to get machines that spy in the lower income nations. The rich ones are our allies in the destruction. Look where the money is. Do you want a hint.- Look for all those morons ideas about social media, intelligent phones, laptops, tablets, super watches. They are Barbie's in steroid.  While we behave like beautiful and lovelies girls making lines, afraid that Barbie Apple will disappear in the store and we do not have any... Poor little girls that need a TV screen tell us where to eat, buy, live or die.. Every day more expensive and stupid stuff.-  And the money goes to.... Jews, Jews and Jews. My money, your money, people,s money. Stop looking at movies, watch documentaries, get the head out of the fiction and the drugs. Think before is to late, we are been con.

If you saw what I saw in "The Greatest Country In The World" I'll give you my whole attention. All those "geniuses", Greek sport figures, mannequins, actors and the likes imported from Russia (and disguised with English names to confuse the dummies), Africa and the European Union, that mean not a thing to me. All those heroes, have not a thing to teach me, all those politicians are less to me than a single worker. And by the way I never saw a Jewish that is not an "important" person or/and that be broke. (Hell they give the prizes, tell us what to eat, what to read and that is you are not related to Abram in some way, you are nothing. Can you believe all that crap?)

There is three very known personalities... One of them is enemy of democracy and he do not consider that Americans should express anything  that affect "the poor crying Zionist" and that we have to disavow the constitution in pro of maintaining "good relations" with racist Israel. Can you pinpoint him?

Use camera icon when watching videos in YouTube with tablets and phone

I knew the Jewish faith were enemy of Christendom when I studied the Bible. They crucified the best person on the earth, keep doing it in a daily basic, with the conformity of our republicans "evangelist".  The joining of the Gospel with the Bible was the first symptom that something was wrong. In few readings you can see how conspiracy in that religion is as old and experienced as the Devil himself. 

1)-The appropriation  of the Hammurabi  code as their own creation, they wrote that their God (The God of Israel, not to confuse with the creator or the father of Jesus) give it to Moses. 

2)-The written of the Gospel trying to prove that Jesus was Jewish, and the 77 descendant of David by the way of Joseph. A clear negation to the divinity of Jesus since Joseph keep not relation with Jesus because Jesus is the son of the real God and not descended of original sin. 

3)- The references to all kind of activities from the prophets that look like forced into the mentality of the Christian faith but that end up in the confusions of the various branches of the faith.

4)- The book of revelations that negate the God of Jesus exalting the God of the Jews. A God unjust, that only praise death, money and taken of land that belongs to somebody else. A God that defends the right to slavery. That confuse the hell out of Moses in his way to Canaan. A Jewish God that very conveniently produce stones to defend historical perspectives that were already disregard as illegitimate. A God that new nothing about human nature or (in his defect) knew that the man will succumb at the temptation in the Garden with Adam and Eve, knew that we will be tainted. That will allow Herodes to kill innocents kids to eliminate the Son of God, What kind of religion is that?  A God that ask Abel about his brother, Instructed Abram about to cut the head of his own son, that promises wonderful things to David, the guy that sent a general to his death so David can take the wife of such individual, that let the former slaves of Egypt to massacre the Canaanites, like even today still happening. And hundredths more of barbaric acts. Will you ask that God for anything, except money and power? The Jewish motto is: "In Gold We Trust"

Compare that God to the father of Jesus and make your own decision. Who poison the Gospel with a word in here or there? What advantage was to alter the life of Jesus with stupid parallelism to the Old Testament circumstances? Like if "Rachel claim his kids", God calling Joseph from Egypt, and many more, tales and fables. There is only a way to Jesus the Christ, read only his words and send to the God of Israel the rest. Including the drug induced Revelation's book.

 Is true that technology generate a lot of income for a reduced group. (Check how the American Jewish have been profiting from all those toys that have more bugs than uses.)  How the real owners can destroy equipment with just a little word dropped in the air. Take for example the anti-virus, they want you to buy it, the manufacturers reminds you they are selling crap and furthermore that you need "protection".  Just imagine how will you buy a car without brakes or lights. All those Zionist build and sell the virus and the anti-virus. All the facts signal that they are the ones that create, inject, and some times, fix the problems. We are been con, trickle, swindled with "high technology".  

Crash driver my foot, those old drivers can work forever but not if commands hidden in the OS make whole folders disappear.  Who are those monsters?  The same group that is stealing the money out of the pockets of our population. Equipment that can be destroyed by just a little command, updates and old stuff that have been make look like new, new instructions,  when is just recyclable things. The more memory you buy the more stuff they put in your machine, stuff that goes from spying to taking control over your life. And the government that is supposed to protect the consumer ... lol. 

 There is nothing new in technology. Starting from electrical cars, many buses were electrical in the 1950s, so were cars of propane in the same epoch. Multiple blades for shaving were patented from Cuba in 1948.

Cars that drive without driver? Who can come with that stupid ideas? - I'll tell you: The same that invented Santa Claus, 14 days of presents, the End of the World, Star Trek, the atomic bomb, the dynamite, the clones, the space shuttle, the fracking, the LSD, the interpretation of dreams, the taken of land by divine plan, politics, tyranny, adultery, pornography, crime, sacrifices, and mainly; how to lie.... and very important: how to became experts in fallacy. The Bible is the manual to all those and much more. Just tie the dots and you can see not the origin of man, but the origin of disasters.  

Well, why none of this people that will want to be the "leaders of the world" (oh boy! it came Billy Joel to mind again, even though was J. Edwards with Sunshine)  talk about that.  Many of us, Americans, write about it. We comment about like this claque of "DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans defend Israel as an allied" ... is laughable to even think that this version of La Espanola in the middle east, could be that important for our nation. Only in the mind of  ignorant, well paid ignorant, have some space this cancer that have invaded the mind of our leadership. 

Never in the history of America have Israel been close to help America, like a nation or by individuals, specially not in any just cause. Only stamping a seal of approval in every abuse committed against neighboring nations, and almost colonies.  When our nation want to commit abuses( Yes we do. What planet are you living on?) Israel and Australia are always supporting us, against the rest of humanity.  Is that loyalty? It does have a name that I should not use in here. But the Senate call it "Loyalty" instead of "Royalties" to keep the new American Political Standard Dictionary, that is: "Fallacy" or Political Correctness. 

All this submissiveness from Israel to USA is just in exchange for protection.  To cover them from the United Nations "scolding" do to the abuses committed by Israel with other nations. Like the murdering of Turkish that try to help the isolated Gaza in international waters.  The invasions to Lebanon, the incursions in foreign land, like the attacks to Iran and Egypt, the control of the Gaza waters, (embargo, where we hear that phrase often?)  - Whom I am wonder, is a master on that kind of abuse?,  the incredible taken of land by force in the West Bank, the apartheid and henceforth.  All that in plain 21st Century! 

 They Israel, were traitors to England, the country that facilitated their colonization of Palestine, and these acts were deserved by that monarchist/imperialistic/phased out  monarchic system, for been stupid and forgetting how the devil pays to the ones that serve him.

I know what the Israelites use in arguments to defend their vandalism: "If America, the icon of freedom, the land of Lincoln, the only one that keep alive a constitution older that Methuselah, "help" with its presence, The Virgin Island, The Marianas, Guam, Puerto Rico and several small island in the world, and everybody is happy. Why not us, the people chosen by the supreme commander, to be the guardians of the Middle East, and who knows, the whole Asia and Africa?

They are so smart that scared me. Paraphrasing Get Smart: "If all that smartness were used for goodness instead of devil ness" 

In the allied field they use spies in our country, they attack an American vessel and killed American life's, knowing they were an American crew, with the American flag in display, inclusively when our people did not respond to the fire because was a "supposed allied".  The silence about this aberration was paid with money for campaigns. 

The simple rule of been born in America (not clarified if continental US) have been played with, we own Alaska, Hawaii, the Virgins Island, you can be born in any place in the world and still been American.  We have troops  all around the world, the military, diplomatic service, contract personnel, married with kids, they even have some that does not speak the language, still Americans. Jews are different, they are Jews always, only a passport will make the difference. We have it in almost all stage of life; Supreme Court, Congress, monopolies and mainly in the bank and oil industry. So much for nationalism. They have "their thing" that is so far away of the regular immigrant, they have oaths in a book they know they wrote for their own benefit.. They have not problem with Germany just because their noses were different. It was more related to the fact that in war the patriotism supercede other considerations. But not with the Jewish people. 

The enemy are not the black people, or the Muslim, or the Chinese not even the regular Jew, even though the simple fact to be identified with a religion shows there are something bigger than the constitution or the nation in you. The real enemy is the Zionist that invaded (mostly illegal) our coast and have taken, with the fallacy of "intelligence"  (which have been blown out of proportion since only their opinions are valid.) our way of life, from a melting pot to a a mess of ambitions, abuses and irrationalities.   This inflated intellectual dotes of a disgraced and suffered organization, thing that looks we lack, nested and spread over the conscience of one nation that until the 50s was considered; Christian, noble and full of love for other human beings. 

Now, and specially during and after Vietnam, we are reversing. Those that some call Semitics, are a religion, a club, a system, that take not into consideration nationalities. Or you are or you are not. They invent, among many things already explained; "supremacy" and history shows what happens when humans try to be equal, better or like God.

Len Zayas/ 3/2016

Louis Farrakhan: Angel or Devil?: Alex Jones 

Are the black kids in America the new Palestinian's?

Is the police made to protect citizens or to enforce unpopular dictates?

Do the American people do not see it when they are been played?

Do black commentators in TV understand that they are simple tokens for the racist press?

Is Uncle Tom the role model for black journalists?

   Please do not elect more senators to the presidency. Should be more qualified people around without the damage that been in congress cause to lawmakers!

Perspective.- If dark skin people are Afro-American, (even though there are several Africans (also called Afrikaners ??) that have a clear skin... That mean they are Afri-Americans? like there are Chinese-Americans, Cuban-Americans, Indo-Americans, Haw-Americans, Iceland-American, Mexi-Americans, henceforth... In all this stupid ballyhoo, product of the supine ignorance of this  basically illiterate immigration of adventurers, ex-convicts and murderers from Europe, mainly England, Spain and France. The name for this invaders and their descendants, using the unrealistic rule of North America custom is: Euro-Americans.  By the way, they are not white (except there are some albinos) they are mainly reddish skin. Like most reddish Euro-Americans, they are some descendant of the original invaders and later legal and illegal immigrants from different  parts of Europe, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa where the majority, in some places, are European reddish skin vg. Canary Islands and also in the Mediterranean Balearic Islands with their majority Greek (clear skin) and Catalan (reddish)).

Much have been written about the Native Indians, American Aborigine and more. But related to the proprietary name of America for North America (Alaska, Canada and United States) have been a convenient lack of documentation. The truth is that America refers to the whole continent that later (conveniently) was divided into West Indies, Caribbean, South, Central and North America with nobody owning the name American except like inclusive of all parts affected. In most of the world people refers to America like the whole continent. The bullish British (as their mascot represent) pass that imperialistic attitude to the next generations of imported Americans, including the fighters for freedom. The New England have never intended (conveniently) to correct the misappropriation.

I heard it through the Grapevine; "There are a shortage of volunteers for infantry,  'coffee table-pilots' ¹  even patriotic mercenaries. This scarcity difficult the use of ground force in the middle east territories. So the president, probably in the near future,  will ask Congress approval for reinstalling the Conscription (or drafting) of young people for the military and/or the use of the National Guard in the foreign service."     See what the gov. found as a fast cure to this

United States government, making a mockery out of the Constitution,  deliberately allow private enterprises to violate every single shred of privacy in their own citizenship, with the intention (or complot) of using the results of that violations at the best convenience of their elected officials and corporative benefactors. lz

This world do not learn from history.-The conquest of Vietnam by France began in 1858 and was completed by 1884. It became part of French Indochina in 1887. Vietnam declared independence after World War II, but France continued to rule until its 1954 defeat by communist forces under Ho Chi MINH. Under the Geneva Accords of 1954, Vietnam was divided into the communist North and anti-communist South. The rest you know it! 

"When you hear about corporations cooperating with NSA, do not take it against those mentioned. All are and do the same!".  NSA works (many times wrong) for their own sense of rivalry against, real or imagined, enemies. Corporations do it for information that will be used to take money out of your pockets. Even if you do not see it!


Will you put a pig in your garden? Apparently the Republican Party leader do!

If you like vegetables (mainly kosher) and some pigs, just visit this page (do not pass the comments)

Who feeds the American senate in their weirds bill system that always forget the  middle class and the working people?

The present American Congress is an altar to the Judaism and an aberration to freedom.

For all those Evangelicals that think of Israel as the people of God. Be known that religion

have not relation to the actual Jews. Listen to this and learn.-

"Marching to Zion"

Press for be seen in tablets and phones


Past and present of American's

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